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History not Shared is History Lost.

Here is the story of the desk I picked up at the curb and the old photos in it.

Julia Crowley arrived at Ellis Island in October of 1902. She brought her recipe for Irish soda bread. Making it has been a tradition that has been passed down through the generations.

After watching Finding Your Roots, I discovered that I shared a connection to a celebrity and had an ancestor who was burnt at the stake for witchcraft!

My paternal grandfather, Hugh Turner,  was born and raised in Virginia. This is where my journey into Virginia genealogy starts. Here is a look at their life with pictures.

The life of Julia Crowley, my great grandmother who immigrated from County Cork, Ireland in 1902.

When you start out on your genealogical journey, it can be challenging coming across other’s trees that connect to your ancestors having no idea how they connect.  It can take some time to sort it out.  Especially if there are more than one marriage.

A timeline can give you a different perspective of a someone’s life.  Here is a look at my grandmother’s first 34 years and the events she lived through.


Examining more than one record, could lead to finding more clues about the whole family. My great grandmother’s city birth certificate and state birth records are compared.

Through photographs we are introduced to new family members. Including the ones that did not live to adulthood.

My grandfather lived in both Newport News, Virginia and New York City. This ship was in both places in it’s short life.

Armstrong Day was held in June 2013. Many second and third Armstrong cousins enjoy a wonderful day that our cousin Kathy planned.