Using a Timeline – A look at earlier decades

33 years ago today, my grandmother passed.  When I look at her time line with both family and historical events, it makes me see her in a whole different light.  I had no idea how many ups and downs she had before her 35th birthday. Using a timeline can really change your perspective when you realize what they experienced and when.

Early Years

June 1, 1914           Born in Manhattan to Charles and Edith (Wegener) Weller.

Nov. 16, 1916         She was 2 years 5moths old when her brother Charles Weller was born.

April 6, 1917          At age 2 years 10 months The United States enters World War I.

1918                         She was age 3-4 during the Influenza Pandemic.

Nov. 11, 1918         Age 4. World War I ends.

1920                       Age 6. Prohibition Starts.  Her maternal grandfather owned a bar in NYC at this time.

Edith as a little girl with her brother and mother.

June 25, 1928


When she was 14, her paternal grandfather died. Charles Weller buried at Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery in Queens, NY.

Oct.29, 1929

She was 15 on Black Tuesday – the stock market had crashed for the 4th time kicking off the start of the great depression that lasted 10 years.

Dec. 5, 1933

Age18, prohibition ends.

July 1934

Age 20, she takes a cruise with her aunt and meets her future husband.

Dec 20, 1936

At 21, her maternal grandfather dies. He is buried in Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery in Queens, NY. There is no marker on his grave.

Feb 26, 1939

When she was 24, her father Charles Weller dies in Summit, NJ and is buried at Lutheran All Faiths in Queens, N.Y.

Oct. 6, 1939 

Eight months later at age 25, she married Hugh D. Turner.

April 22, 1940

She was 25 when her paternal grandmother dies – Anna (Panzer) Weller buried at Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery, Queens, NY.

December 7, 1941

She was 27 when she received the news that Japan attached Pearl Harbor. The United States enters WWII.

April 22, 1943

When she was 29, she gave birth to her first child.

June 6, 1944  

D-Day happened 5 days after her 30th birthday.

Feb 27, 1945  

Still at age 30 when her brother Charles Weller KIA. Buried in Holland. He was 29 years old.

Feb 26, 1946

At 31, she gives birth to her second child.

December 4, 1946

She was 32 when her father’s body is moved from Queens, NY to Restland Memorial Park, East Hanover, NJ.

December 11, 1948

She was 34 when her brother was laid to rest at Restland Memorial Park, East Hanover, NJ.

For me, it comes in to focus why she didn’t like to talk too much about the past. Remembering her today and will try to keep the tears in check if I hear Fleiz Navidad on the radio today. It was one of her favorite Christmas songs.

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