The Life of Amedeo “Matthew” Alfano

Amedeo Alfano was born in Monte, Marano, Avelino, Italy in 1892 and immigrated to the US about 1909. Amedeo married Bianca Todino in New Jersey in 1915.  They Americanized their first names to Matthew and hers to Blanche.  They had 4 children that I know of: Constantine, Anthony, George, and Matthew.  In the 1930 US Federal Census, they are living next door to Blanche’s parents, Denis and Caroline Todino.  They resided at 85 Westminster Place in Garfield, NJ. 

There were several articles posted to different newspapers in NJ in April 1935. Matthew Alfano was arrested for Bootlegging and sentenced to 18 months in prison and a $700 fine.

The Herald News April 24, 1935

He was very lucky he was not caught during prohibition as that ended two years earlier. In the middle of the great depression, you do what you have to do to survive.

Shortly after he was incarcerated, his wife and family moved to Lodi, NJ. On October 9, 1935, his son Matthew age 7 died of Diphtheria. Something in this day and age that is 100% preventable by vaccination.

The Herald News October 11, 1935
Young Matthew Alfano's NJ Death Certificate Matthew Sr. served a total of 18 months in prison and was released in October 1936.
The Herald News October 9, 1936

In the 1940 US Federal Census, the family is living in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. In column 17, the answer to “residence in 1935” the answer for each of the members of the household is Lodi. This is the first census that Bob’s mom, Marjorie Alfano, is alive for. She is 11 months old.

Things turn around for Matthew. He resides in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ in the1940s. He stays out of the newspaper until 1947, he and his son Anthony open a home appliance business.

The Herald News June 4, 1947

In 1950, he and his wife are in the process of moving to a brand new home that they had built when tragedy strikes. During the move, his wife Blanche passes away. They hadn’t even slept in their new home in Wayne.

The Herald News October 23, 1950

Matthew was a widower for 20 years. He died on May 19, 1970 in Prospect Park, NJ.

He is buried in St. Nicholas Cemetery in Lodi, NJ with his wife and three sons.

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