Serendipity for a Short Life

Years ago, my brother and I visited with several paternal second cousins for the first time in Virginia.  One cousin shared old  family photos with us.  I took photos of many  photographs to review and research later at home.  There were so, so many pictures!  It was a happy day.

On the return lag of our trip, we visited Warrenton Cemetery.  We visited our 2x great grandfather’s, John Roberts Turner’s grave.  I took note of his two wives at his side and then looked around at the near by graves.


John R. Turner and his two wives

The row in front of that are John’s son Edward Spilman Turner with Edward’s wife Mela Boston Turner.

In front of their grave was a marker for Frank Boston Turner who died at 18 months.

Putting the Pieces Together

Once we were home, I started to sort and name the photo files I now had.  Among them was one of Frank Boston Turner 9 months old with his mother Mela.  I knew I had seen that name before….  Frank was the son of Judge Edward Spilman Turner and Mela Boston.  It was one of those moments when it all pieced together.  It was serendipity – being at the right place at the right time.  Now little Frank Boston Turner can be remembered for future generations.

Frank Boston Turner: Dec 22, 1898 - June 26, 1900

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